Personal testimonies of what our partners have experienced since being connected with this ministry...


“A customer of mine gave me a card to the Ministry Prayer line, and told me to call it.  One morning I was in tremendous pain that would not ease.  So, thinking I was going to reach a recording, I called the Ministry number at 2:00 AM, and Prophetess answered personally.  1000 miles apart, had never seen her, yet she prayed and the Spirit of God touched me. The pain left immediately, and has not returned in all these months!  If we have faith, the size of a mustard seed..”


"I have followed Apostle Anna for almost 10 years, and now was the time to show that I have matured spiritually.  I had a routine mammogram, but the results were less than routine!  I found my healing scriptures; made sure I didn’t miss my Tithes, and believed that the next doctor would say “there’s nothing there.”  However, the second Doctor confirmed what the first one said, but my faith was Dr Jesus!  So, I did not change my confession, and would not allow fear to come in.  The day I saw the specialist, I declared, “There’s nothing there.” And when she looked at the new mammogram, she said “there’s nothing there!”  A year ago, I would not have been able to walk through this storm without wavering. So I thank Apostle every day for being obedient to God, building up us, strengthening our spirit man, and for being our prayer warrior in the midst of every storm.”  


"Apostle teaches us to "speak that which God promises and not what the enemy says!" Everything I went through, Apostle agreed with me for an open door, and God answered! I needed a job, one called me that I had not applied for. I needed an apartment, I got one right before my deadline to move. I needed finances and sowed a seed, with a petition for a 100 fold return in "this season". Within an hour, I had just that in my hand! God is good and He is moving in this Ministry, answering the prayers of His people."




Signs, Wonders, and Miracles we have witnessed:

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