Sometimes you never know where you will end up in life for your journey is not your own; it is that of the Lord. He uses his children how he feels best and has done so with Apostle Anna Huggins. Apostle Anna, more commonly known as Prophetess, has found ways to reach people of all creeds and ages, social status and diversities. Her journey to connect others with God wasn’t one to which she planned but was called to. Born in Lexington, Kentucky in 1961, Apostle Anna’s childhood wasn’t typical. At the tender age of three (3), she learned what it meant to mourn the loss of someone, her mother.

Apostle Anna grew up learning what it meant to be God fearing. Thanks to her Grandmother, who raised her, she learned to have a closer connection to God, which continued throughout her adulthood. During her adult years, she found love, support, and guidance when God sent another Mother figure. As her season approached, she met her Godmother, Sarah Slade, who became her biggest influence and motivator, pushing her to her calling to minister to all of God’s children. If ever she was in doubt, she recalled the words that were spoken by the Godly women in her life.  She could hear them saying “I see so much in you, much more than you have yet to realize or see in yourself. Your destiny was pre-ordained by God himself so all you need to do is just walk the path.”

Apostle Anna saw firsthand the difficulties of leading a life in ministry. At times, she was made to doubt herself, and found herself being ridiculed and even ostracized by her family and peers. She learned that choosing to walk in your ministerial calling is not by choice. Once one accepts their path, there is no turning back. Therefore, Ministering to all, she continues to bring renewed faith to those whose faith was lost. 

Many have walked this path and have told their stories. Prophetess Anna’s more affluent influencers are Bishop TD Jakes, Dr. Creflo Dollar, Dr. Jamal Bryant, Apostle John Ekhardt and Dr. Bill Winston to name a few. After being in the service of others, God told Apostle Anna that it was now her time to reach people in a way that God intended her to.  After many years of tutelage under Bishop IV Hilliard, Apostle Anna soon expanded the international ministry of which she had become so passionate.

Alpha 2 Omega (a2o) Ministry was God ordained to bridge the gap between God’s children and the church through teaching everyone to live by faith. a2o Ministry is meant to serve all members of the community of all denominations who seek encouragement, support and prayers in their times of need. a2o Ministry has found ways to reach everyone by applying biblical truth to one’s everyday life. Her global mission, One More Soul for Jesus, International (OMSFJI) is meant to provide comfort to the elderly, widows and orphans abroad through webcasts. “Oceans, deserts, borders or boundaries shouldn’t stop you from reaching out to someone who may need you. God chose me to carry his word to as many people as I can. Religious differences, the color of your skin, your walk of life; none of this makes a difference. When he calls on you, you don’t have time to think of why but of what you can do.” a2o Ministry also provides multiple resources which are available nationally and internationally.

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